CBL Player Signings From Old Prospect Watch Site

The old Prospect Watch pages, dedicated to players looking to get signed by professional baseball teams, listed over 30 CBL players being signed after attending one of their tryouts/camps.  Here is that list:




** Since this is on the old “Angel Fire” web platform, please note that there may be pop-up ads and other web content.  I have copied/pasted the original (multi-league) content from that website onto this page, but all credit for the signings and organization of that list goes to those involved in the original operation of their tryout services and website administrators as well as their affiliates.  Should anyone from that entity need to make amendments or have me give credit to new websites and/or social media profiles then please contact us with the new information.  Thank you.


2010Reggie TaylorRoyals
2010Nick RogersRoyals
2010Jay BroughtonRed Sox
2010JJ WhetselDodgers
2010Nicholas D’AmicoPadres
2009Dustin CraneNationals
2009Craig MaddoxBraves
2009Edwin WalkerYankees
2009Tom CochranReds
2009Eric SuttleAstro’s
2008Charles VartanianPhillies
2008Kris RegasTigers
2008Drew ShetroneYankeess
2008Melvin ManceboRed Sox
2007Michael HyleMarlins
2007Jared SuttonBrewers
2006Friedel PinkstonNationals
2006Charles OnealMarlins
2006Adam ThomasDodgers
2006Tom CochranPhillies
2005Tyrell MooreCubs
2004Sazi GuthriePadres
2004Phillip EllisonReds
2004Chris WatersAngels (16 RD)
2004Chris KroskiReds
2002Mike EusebioReds
2000Dan KellyBraves
1999Randy RuizReds
1999Brendan ConnollyExpo’s
1999Kirk TaylorMets
2012Grafton KentTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Joseph Pierce IIIWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2012Jared NorthcuttWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2012Jeffrey LyonsTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012James BierlienTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Adam PolstonTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Jonathan BartonTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Brett KennedyAlphine Cowboys(Pecos League)
2012Jeremy HallLas Cruces Vaqueros(Pecos League)
2012Jeremiah SteinertSanta Fe Fuego(Pecos League)
2012Grafton KentTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012John SullivanTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Evan EllisonTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012Colin MayTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2012AJ TerillGent Knights (Belgium Baseball League)
2012Brian FitzpatrickRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2012Casanova DonaldsonRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2012Jorge HernandezRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2012Evan EllisonTrinidad Triggers (Pecos League)
2011Grahamn SullivanSouthern Illinois Miners (Frontier League)
2012Kyle WahlRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2012Tyler BolingSchamburg Boomers (Frontier League)
2012Jonathan SintesLake Erie Crushers (Frontier League)
2012Dan LazzaroniLondon Rippers (Frontier League)
2012Sam MahoneyGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2011James MaysRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2011Alton EllisonRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2011Kendrick MartinRoswell Invaders (Pecos League)
2011Carlos AlcantaraWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011Ryan HallPaderborn Untouchables (German A League)
2011Chris KirkWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011David HolcombeRuidoso Osos (Pecos League)
2011Kyle KriechJoliet Slammers (Frontier League)
2011Jon FeltnerRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2011Jordan CudneyGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2011Justin YackeeGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2011Tim BattleWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2011LaDale HayesEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2011JD ScholtenSolingen Alligators (German A League)
2011Jason MalefakisRuidoso Osos (Pecos League)
2011Bo BellWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011Jordan CrystalRouen Huskies (France Baseball League)
2011Eric SuttleSt Paul Saints (American Association)
2011Matt KearnesCarlsbad Bats(Pecos League)
2011Reginald Jerome Burton Jr.White Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011Jaramis J WallaceEl Paso Dragons(Pecos League)
2011Mark HillCarlsbad Bats(Pecos League)
2011Chris WelbornRuidoso Osos(Pecos League)
2011Jaramis J WallaceEl Paso Dragons(Pecos League)
2011Brian WilburnWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011Matt GroezingerChico Outlaws (Golden League)
2011Gary OwensSouthern Illinois Miners (Frontier League)
2011Jake SummersWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2011Josh CastanzaAttnang-Puchheim (Austria Baseball League)
2011Michael SchurzEdinburg Roadrunners (North American League)
2011CJ BeattyEdinburg Roadrunners (North American League)
2011Samuel JudahLake County Fielders (North American League)
2011Jericho JonesLake County Fielders (North American League)
2011Alex SmithNewark Bears (Can AM League)
2011Donald BluntSt.Paul Saints (American Association)
2011Richie SerritellaWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2011Brandon JavisNewark Bears (Can AM League)
2011Jeremy HuntQuebec Les Capitales (Can AM League)
2011Kyle KriechNewark Bears (Can AM League)
2011Tristan SmithLas Cruces Vaqueros (Pecos League)
2011Eddie Rush JRRuidoso Osos (Pecos League)
2011Joe OverbyNYSL Federals (Can AM League)
2011TJ WinkPittsfield Colonials (Can AM League)
2011Sam BriendNYSL Federals (Can AM League)
2011Eric Mc GeeNewark Bears (Can AM League)
2011Will WatkinsWhite Sands Pupfish (Pecos League)
2010BJ DailGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2010Max RiosGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2010John GreenwichMacon Pinetoppers (Peach State League)
2010Jacob FabryMacon Pinetoppers (Peach State League)
2010Ismael BolorinNY Capitols (NY State League)
2010Eric FlynnNY Capitols (NY State League)
2010Chris BrownKalamazoo Kings (Frontier League)
2010Mitchell DavidsonPensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2010Chi Hui TsaoGrand Prairie Airhogs (American Association)
2010Jacob WorthamTijuana Cimarrones (Golden League)
2010David PhillipsLake Erie Crushers (Frontier League)
2010Derek SimmonsGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2010Jacob JonesEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2010James DeightonJoliet Jackhammers (Northern League)
2010Courtney BillingsleaWorcester Tornadoes (Can-AM League)
2010Jared LockeSioux City Explorers (American Association)
2010Cody Mc MorrisMacon Pinetoppers (Peach State League)
2010Caigan O’ CallahanMilledgeville Capitals (Peach State League)
2010Sam RobertsMilledgeville Capitals (Peach State League)
2010Costa KapothanasisAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Ross GuskyAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Zach RossettiAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Sho KohataAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Jon KoenigsfeldAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Jake SummersAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Kyle FettsAlbany Quails (Peach State League)
2010Johnny MontoyaCoastal Kingfish (Continental League)
2010JJ WhetselSioux City Explorers (American Association)
2010Andrew PaulunSioux City Explorers (American Association)
2010Jay BroughtonCalgary Vipers (Golden League)
2010Kyle MedleyShreveport-Bossier Sports (American Association)
2010Tim ScalchEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2010William BarnettSouthern Illinois Miners (Frontier League)
2010Trivon HowardSouthern Illinois Miners (Frontier League)
2010Adam ThomasNormal Corn Belters (Frontier League)
2010Sean TeagueJoliet Jackhammers (Northern League)
2010Brendon SmithFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2010Kent WorthingtonEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2010Brooks RobinsonKalamazoo Kings (Frontier League)
2010Thomas MyerFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2010Austin DonmeyerWinnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League)
2010Kevin LeslieRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2010Justin GrienerLaredo Broncos (United League)
2010Cory StevensMannheim Tornadoes (German A League)
2010Miles EthridgeAttnang-Puchheim (Austria Baseball League)
2010Eduin CiriacoRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2009Jonathan MenaDesert Valley Mountain Lions (Continental Baseball League)
2009Romas HicksAtlantic City Surf (Can AM League)
2009Corey LonzanoRockford Riverhawks (Frontier League)
2009Michael MooreFargo-Moorhead Redhawks (Northern League)
2009Chris StewartSouthern Illinois Miners (Frontier League)
2009Kyle GerhartYuma Scorpions (Golden League)
2009Jody FinchPensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2009Ryan FossLong Beach Armada’s (Golden League)
2009Chase BaranLong Beach Armada’s (Golden League)
2009Ben HildrethFederals (NY State League)
2009Cody WiseRio Grande Whitewings (United League)
2009Stephen DouglasGateway Grizzles (Frontier League)
2009John DuceyEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2009Mark Sharp(NY State League)
2009DT Mc DowellRiver City Rascals
2009Julio SorianoFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2009Will PalmerLarendo Broncos (United League)
2009Lafayette BrownRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2009David CogswellRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2009Charles WilliamsFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2009Kenny CampSaarlouis Hornets (German A League)
2009Kody HightowerHSV Stealers (German A League)
2009Vinnie ScarduzioWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2009Justin FryWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2009Demetrius BanksFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2009William SchleeFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2009Travis CallowaySan Angelo Colts (United League)
2009Matthew BarrettTulln Ravens (Austria League)
2009Jovan SantosYuma Scorpions (Golden League)
2009Nick OgurchakBig Bend Cowboys (Continental Baseball League)
2009Beau ManningBig Bend Cowboys (Continental Baseball League)
2009Nicholas Duffy(Continental Baseball League)
2009Cameron Howell(Continental Baseball League)
2009Johnathan Paden(Continental Baseball League)
2009Cody MarshallTexarkana Gunsligers (Continental Baseball League)
2009Anthony CoromatoCodogno (Italian Baseball League)
2009Brad MenadierTexarkana Gunsligers (Continental Baseball League)
2009Omar DufrenyTexarkana Gunsligers (Continental Baseball League)
2009Henry FuentesBig Bend Cowboys (Continental Baseball League)
2009Kieran BradfordBig Bend Cowboys (Continental Baseball League)
2009Stanley GnatCoastal Bend Kingfish (Continental Baseball League)
2009Sean GottschalkCoastal Bend Kingfish (Continental Baseball League)
2009Jarrell HeslipBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2009Stephen WhalenBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2009David WashingtonEl Paso Diablos (American Association)
2009Chris NymanEl Paso Diablos (American Association)
2009Baron ShortEl Paso Diablos (American Association)
2009Spenser DennisFort Worth Cats (American Association)
2009Chase BurchPensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2009Brett MierasLake Erie Crushers (Frontier League)
2009Eric BrownFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2009Jeremiah ParkerRockford Riverhawks (Frontier League)
2009Ray SerranoSussex Skyhawks (Can-AM League)
2008Lafyette Brown(South Coast League)
2008Alfred JosephTraverse City (Frontier League)
2008Matt RetherfordFeldkirch Cardinals (Austria AA League)
2008Cleveland BrownleeWindy City (Frontier League)
2008Mark SharpBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Andrew SwansonBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Grant MassieBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Joseph MaioranaBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Edwin WalkerBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Kyle WellsBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Alex FernandezBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Tony RogowskiBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2008Henry GuerreroCorpus Christi Beachdawgs (Continental Baseball League)
2008Joe OverbyNYSL Capitols (NY State League)
2008Zachary StaniewiczNYSL Capitols (NY State League)
2008Peter DempseyNYSL Capitols (NY State League)
2008Orlando TriasSchaumburg Flyers (Northern League)
2008Sam FaederBrussels Kangaroos (Belgium A League)
2008Clint SmithWichita Wingnuts (American Association)
2008Shawn RavencraftReno Silver Sox (Golden State League)
2008Ben WhartonReno Silver Sox (Golden State League)
2008Jason ClineReno Silver Sox (Golden State League)
2008Shaughn NealReno Silver Sox (Golden State League)
2008Juan SerranoSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2008Melvin MancevoAlexandria Aces (United League)
2008Peter MooreSommerset Patriots (Atlantic League)
2008Gabriel RileyChico Outlaws (Golden State League)
2008Carter ClementsAttnang-Puchheim (Austria League)
2008Jon PasiekaEdmonton Cracker-Cats (Golden State League)
2008Steve ReadTraverse City Travelers (Frontier League)
2008Charles O’NealWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2008Stantel SmithEl Paso Diablos (American Association)
2008Derek TillmanPensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2008Ryan RockholtAlexandria Aces (United League)
2008Nick HetlandFargo-Moorhead (Northern League)
2008Jason FriedmanBraunschweig Subway 89ers (German 2nd League)
2008Alex BardeguezSioux Falls Canaries (American Association)
2008Donald CheneyGateway Grizzilies (Frontier League)
2008Eric BrownFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2008Caleb GladenheimEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2008Kevin BootheMidwest Sliders (Frontier League)
2008Ryan AndersonMidwest Sliders (Frontier League)
2008Noel BerumenMidwest Sliders (Frontier League)
2008Derek JenningsRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2008Chris TateEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2008Craig MaddoxNew Jersey Jackals (Can-AM League)
2007Travis HundleySouth Georgia Peanuts (South Coast League)
2007Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2007Steven WrightSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2007Ben WhartonBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2007Kyle DonovanMacon Music (South Coast League)
2007Brandon DaguioFullerton Flyers (Golden State League)
2007Matt BrittOneida Barge Bucs (New York State League)
2007Ryan WebberOneida Barge Bucs (New York State League)
2007Jon GianquittiHeidenheim Heidek�pfe (German League)
2007William SecorNeunkirchen Nightmares (German League)
2007Landon GilbertSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2007Rhett BarberRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2007Adam HutchinsRockford Riverhawks (Frontier League)
2007Joel HartmanSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2007Nicholas WayneFargo-Moorhead Redhawks (Northern League)
2007Jordan LundbergWinnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League)
2007Drew ShetroneMacon Music (South Coast League)
2007Ryan HerbortSlippery Rock (Frontier League)
2007DJ Burns(Italian Baseball League)
2007James CompoChico Outlaws (Golden State League)
2007Jared SuttonSouth Georgia Peanuts (South Coast League)
2007Dustin Brooks(New York State League)
2007John Molyneux(New York State League)
2007Brian FulcherAlexandria Aces (United League)
2007Freddy GuzmanBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2007Royce DickersonTraverse City Beach Bums (Frontier League)
2007Brian NicholsLaredo Broncos (United League)
2007Keegan LaycockSlippery Rock (Frontier League)
2007Chris HyattBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2007Roy IrleWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2007Jame AimarSt. (Israel Baseball League)
2007Jason CurrySlippery Rock (Frontier League)
2007Justin LiogghioFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2007Chad LeonFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2007Kevin WhitmanBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2007Wayne StuartBay Area Toros (Continental Baseball League)
2007Bill SchmittTarrant County Blue Thunder (Continental Baseball League)
2007Alan BetourneTarrant County Blue Thunder (Continental Baseball League)
2007Beau CumbieTexas Heat (Continental Baseball League)
2007Giuseppe RivasSouth Georgia Peanuts (South Coast League)
2007Jesse LongoriaLewisville Lizards (Continental Baseball League)
2007Bernard CastonGary Railcats (Northern League)
2007Brett WallaceGary Railcats (Northern League)
2007Kenneth EvoniukBradenton Juice (South Coast League)
2007John ClarkBradenton Juice (South Coast League)
2007Beau DannemillerGrays (Can-Am League)
2007Andrew BiesanzBradenton Juice (South Coast League)
2007Joe MeadorGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2007Lincoln SmithRockford Riverhawks (Frontier League)
2007Troy GarrettAiken Foxhounds (South Coast League)
2007Raymond DeVaulMacon Music (South Coast League)
2007Jeremiah GoweySt Joseph (American Association)
2007Corey HarringtonLincoln Saltdogs (American Association)
2007Josue MatosSioux Falls Canaries (American Association)
2007Lafyette BrownMacon Music (South Coast League)
2007Brad KirschAmarillo Dillas (United League)
2007Trey RobersonSan Angelos Colts (United League)
2007Bryant PerdomoSt. George Roadrunners (Golden State League)
2006Chris GaskinNew Haven County Cutters (Can-Am League)
2006Jay MusialowskiSussex Skyhawks (Can-Am League)
2006Kevin BrowerEl Paso Diablos (American Association)
2006Jared JohnsonNashua Pride (CanAm League)
2006Jamie TricoglouSt Joseph (American Association)
2006Beau DannemillerCalgary Vipers (Northern League)
2006Shingo MitsomoriSt Joseph (American Association)
2006Evan SobelSt Joseph (American Association)
2006Earl White JrGary Railcats(Nothern League)
2006Sandy JacobsRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2006Greg LasinskiWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2006Eddie GonzalezRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2006Brad BisellEdmonton Cracker Cats (Northern League)
2006Ian HolmenSchaumburg Flyers (Northern League)
2006Charles O’NealPensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2006Tyson KlemmeSan Angelo Colts (United League)
2006John SmithLaredo Broncos (United League)
2006Kenneth Cruz-RiveraAmarillo Dillas (United League)
2006Bryan BeniquezSan Angelo Colts (United League)
2006James DouglasCalgary Vipers(Nothern League)
2006Justin Mc KimRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2006Richard RileyWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2006Jerred NovotnyGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2006Robert RoseKalamazoo Kings (Frontier League)
2006Jason BeasleyEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2006Brian SoleEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2006Sam Mc LainRio Grande Valley (United League)
2006Ray GillKalamazoo Kings(Frontier League)
2006Tomas CabanielRio Grande Valley White Wings (United League)
2006Michael HylePensacola Pelicans (American Association)
2006Craig PearsonAmarillo Dillas (United League)
2006Antone TownsEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2006Garrett BauerRockford Riverhawks (Frontier League)
2006Bobby GilliamKalamazoo Kings (Frontier League)
2006Chris Mc GrawEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2006Steven CarterEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2005Carlos GomezSioux Falls Canaries (Northern League)
2005Greg BuscherMid-Missouri Mavericks(Frontier League)
2005Roy GuerraMid-Missouri Mavericks(Frontier League)
2005Dane DeValkKalamazoo Kings(Frontier League)
2005Joey SiakJoliet Jackhammers(Nothern League)
2005Da Juan KennedyOhio Valley Redcoats(Frontier League)
2005Ross CookEl Paso (Central League)
2005Scott LeFlerChillicothe Paints (Frontier League)
2005Steve FriendChillicothe Paints (Frontier League)
2005Sergio RiveroMid-Missouri Mavericks(Frontier League)
2005Matt WilliamsMid-Missouri Mavericks(Frontier League)
2005Franklin MendibleMid-Missouri Mavericks(Frontier League)
2005Adam HusingRichmond Roosters(Frontier League)
2005Wilson BurwellEdinburg Roadrunners (Central League)
2005Sergio LopezNew Jersey Jackals(Cam-American League)
2005Joey CressFullerton (Golden State League)
2005Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach (Golden State League)
2005Jason AlcottMesa Miners
2005Cole CicatelliMesa Miners
2005Tom CochranFlorence Freedom(Frontier League)
2005Alexander TateShreveport Sports (Central League)
2005Brian GoreJackson Senators(Central League)
2005Keaton SmithSchwaz Austria (Bundesliga League)
2005Jarrett SuesBangor Lumberjacks (Cam-American League)
2005Brian WhiteWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2005Eric JonesWindy City ThunderBolts (Frontier League)
2005Wes ThompsonRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2005Shaun AshmanCalgary Vipers (Northern League)
2005Harris LeeRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2005Kris RegasWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2005Ricky DukeBangor Lumberjacks(Cam-American League)
2005Nathan GravleyRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
2005Brian ChapmanRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
2005Robert MorrisonChillicothe Paints (Frontier League)
2005Dustin LewisSundbyberg Heat (Sweden League)
2005Eric RiceCologne Cardinals (German A League)
2005Brandon MarshallPaderborn Untouchables (German A League)
2005Larry BestBangor Lumberjacks(Cam-American League)
2005Jason ColsonGary Railcats(Nothern League)
2005Fontella JonesJackson Senators(Central League)
2005Eric RiceCologne Cardinals (German A League)
2005TJ GravesWashington Wild Things (Frontier League)
2005Steve BourgeoisSaltillo Saraperos (Mexican League)
2005Atsushi SuyamaJapan Samurai Bears (Golden State League)
2005Justin Mc KimChico (Golden State League)
2005Barry RichardsonFlorence Freedom(Frontier League)
2005Jeff WhitfieldYuma (Golden State League)
2005Phillip EllisonMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2005Brett WinnMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2005Jeff AlbertOhio Valley Redcoats (Frontier League)
2005Brad KirschOhio Valley Redcoats (Frontier League)
2005Anthony PassalacquaBologna Italy
2005Jesse BoganMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2004Stephen PalinkasChillicothe Paints (Frontier League)
2004DaJuan KennedyMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2004Michael AlmandMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2004Chris GarciaMid-Missouri Mavericks (Frontier League)
2004Marc MajorWinnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League)
2004Heath DobynsGateway Grizzlies (Frontier League)
2004Mark WellsSt. Paul Saints (Northern League)
2004Todd GoodsonWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2004Shane WinklerFlorence Freedom (Frontier League)
2004Blake WyattEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2004Justin Mc MahanWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2004Roland TorresMonstel Stars (Belgium)
2004Tony LePageWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2004Ogina AaronSioux Falls Canaries (Northern League)
2004Zack RigganSioux City Explorers (Northern League)
2004John IlliusJoliet JackHammers (Northern League)
2004David MendezSioux Falls Canaries (Northern League)
2004Jesse LaCasseNeunkirchen Nightmares (German A League)
2004David FowlerHeidenheim Heidek?fe (German A League)
2004Greg HansandHeidenheim Heidek?fe (German A League)
2004James FenderHeidenheim Heidek?fe (German A League)
2004Tarron AcuffEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2004Daniel Flores,Alby Stars (Sweden)
2004Stephen BlantonRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2004Jerry DunnNewark Bears (Atlantic League)
2004J.R.CortezCoastal Bend Aviators (Central League)
2004Blake HoneycuttRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2004Steve BrooksRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
2004Kevin YoungRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
2004Jason ClarosWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2004Kerron WalkerWindy City Thunderbolts (Frontier League)
2003Darren TrutyLincoln Salt Dogs (Northern League)
2003David HarrisMontgomery Wings (Southeastern League)
2003James PackSelma Cloverleafs (Southeastern League)
2003Phillip EllisonSelma Cloverleafs (Southeastern League)
2003Jeff HunterChillicothe Paints (Frontier League)
2003Josh BeshearsKalamazoo Kings (Frontier League)
2003Vincent D’AngelisItaly
2003Sazi GuthrieGary Railcats (Northern League)
2003Ahmad WoodsMacon Peaches (Southeastern League)
2003Chris SpiveyMacon Peaches (Southeastern League)
2003Chris Van RossumMacon Peaches (Southeastern League)
2003James GreggPensacola Pelicans (Southeastern League)
2003Mike SilvaPensacola Pelicans (Southeastern League)
<align=”right”>2003</align=”right”>Tim MackoHeidenheim Heidekoepfe (German A League)
2003Scott MerkichCoastal Bend Aivators (Central League)
2003Gabe CouncilCoastal Bend Aivators (Central League)
2003Brian BurksBisbee-Douglas (Arizona- Mexican League)
2003Mike MitchellSelma Cloverleafs (Southeastern League)
2003Saul SolvesonKenosha Mammoths (Frontier League)
2003Mike EusebioNewark Bears (Atlantic League)
2003Adam ThomasPennsylvania Road Warriors (Atlantic League)
2002Junior MedinaAdirondack Lumberjacks (Northeast League)
2002Tim MackoAllentown Ambassadors (Northeast League)
2002Junior MedinaAdirondack Lumberjacks (Northeast League)
2002Marlyn TisdaleSioux Falls Canaries (Northern League)
2001Clint KaedingElmira Pioneers (Northern League)
2001Keith LawEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2001Brian HarrisonEvansville Otters (Frontier League)
2001Aaron AdamsLondon Werewolves (Frontier League)
2001Monte RoundtreeRio Grande (TXLA League)
2001Matt KoziacaDuluth-Superior Dukes (Northern League)
2001Chuck KooneBridgeport Bluefish (Atlantic League)
2000Monty DavisSt. Paul Saints (Northern League)
2000Brad StevensTyler Roughnecks (All American League)
2000Dan KellyNashua Pride (Atlantic League)
2000Maurice De CongeValley Vipers (Western League)
2000Sam PruettRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
1999Tomas MedinaRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
1999Jeremy RobinsonRichmond Roosters (Frontier League)
1999Chris BrayRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
1999Andy BuitonRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
1999Daryl CronkRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
1999Eric TurnroseRiver City Rascals (Frontier League)
1999Payton WarrenDubois County Dragons (Frontier League)
1999Brad StevensOzark Mountain Ducks (TXLA League)
1999Jason MoodyAtlantic City Surf (Atlantic League)
1999Curtis SappCanton Crocediles (Frontier League)
1999Jason MoodyCanton Crocediles (Frontier League)
1999Jeremy CoxSpringfield Capitals (Frontier League)
1999Rob AnnecelliSpringfield Capitals (Frontier League)
1999Patrick SextonLehigh Valley Black Diamonds (Atlantic League)
1999A.D. ThorpeMassachusetts Mad Dogs (Northeast League)



The Continental Baseball League was an independent professional minor league baseball circuit in the Southwestern United States. It operated from 2007 through 2010.

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