2008 CBL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

The 2008 Continental Baseball League Home Run Derby and All-Star Game took place over two days in McKinney, Texas.

The All-Star Game was held on July 13, 2008.  The South defeated the North in a rain-shortened game (postponed in the fourth inning) by a final score of 4-0.  Here is a link to an article recapping the game (go here).

Here is a PDF of a press release issued by the league to promote the 2008 All-Star Game:

Here is a recap from the local newspaper of the 2008 All-Star Game.  The article recaps the Home Run Derby quite well and goes into detail about the winds and the challenges faced by the participants.  The article also quotes Blue Thunder players Gene Filyaw and Joe Pagan.


The home run derby was held on July 12, 2008.  Here is a video taken from the catcher’s perspective (Matt McDermott) during Joe Pagan’s plate appearance during the Derby.  McKinney Blue Thunder manager, Curtis Wilkerson, was the pitcher.

Here is the post-derby ceremony with Dave Michaels on the microphone and commissioner Ron Baron presenting the award to 2008 CBL Home Run Derby winner Nick Shay (Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs):

Here is Nick’s round in the Home Run Derby:

Here is Glenn Wilson (McKinney Blue Thunder) during the 2008 Home Run Derby:

Here is Earl White (Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs) during the 2008 Home Run Derby:

Here is a clip from right before the National Anthem during the 2008 CBL All-Star Game:

Here is Gene Filyaw during the 2008 home run derby: