Team Merchandise

** Note: At The Time Of This Update There Have Been Multiple Attempts To Spam The Continental Baseball League Alumni Facebook Page With Fake Merchandise Of The League Logo, Team Logos, And Even Player/Team Photos.  None Of These Is Approved Merchandise, Nor Can Your Identity & Financial Information Be Confirmed As Safe If You Attempt To Purchase Such Merchandise. Once Official League, Team And/Or Player Merchandise Is Approved Then It Will Be Added To This Page And The Home Page Of This Website Plus Announced On The Facebook Page. Thank You, And All Attempts Are Made Regarding Spammers Of The Facebook Group To Get Banned Immediately Once Identified **

This section of the website is for NON-official merchandise for each Continental Baseball League team from 2007 through 2010.  This merchandise for sale was NOT sold by the teams or league at any time in the history of the CBL.  The items available do not use the team’s logos, so the merchandise simply says the team name and the “established” date.

It is print-on-demand merchandise through a third-party, so the quality may vary.  No one involved with this website had anything to do with the merchandise creation as the items were available to the public before this website was created.  Also, some teams are not available nor is the CBL league-specific merchandise yet; but those missing will be added if they become available.

Click the image or team name link to be taken to the page with the merchandise for that specific team.  All payment security methods, refunds, exchanges and terms of service/privacy policies belong are the responsibility of the third-party vendor.  This website is just an affiliate for the already-existing service.

Continental Baseball League Team Merchandise (Non-Official, Non-Logo Merchandise)

Alexandria Aces Continental Baseball League Merchandise
Alexandria Aces

Bay Area Toros Continental Baseball League Merchandise
Bay Area Toros

Big Bend Cowboys

Coastal Kingfish

Lewisville Lizards

McKinney Blue Thunder Continental Baseball League Merchandise
McKinney Blue Thunder

South Louisiana Pipeliners Merchandise T-shirts
South Louisiana Pipeliners

Tarrant County Blue Thunder CBL Merchandise
Tarrant County Blue Thunder

Texarkana Gunslingers

Texas Heat Continental Baseball League Merchandise
Texas Heat

If you cannot see (or click on) the images above on your device then click the link of your desired team to see the non-official merchandise: