2007 Bay Area Toros Article Added

Just found a July 25, 2007 article about games from the CBL that series plus quotes from Jim Bolt about the stadium at Clear Creek High School, the first scheduled series in Texas City (which were supposed to be against the Lewisville Lizards, but all 3 games got rained out), and what possible expansion was being discussed at the time.

The link to that article has been added to the Toros page here:

Bay Area Toros

Starting Pitchers In First CBL Regular Season Game

The first regular season game (not including Exhibition Games) in the CBL’s history took place on May 27, 2007 in League City Texas.  The Bay Area Toros hosted the Texas Heat, with the Heat winning by a final score of 6-5.

Who were the starting pitchers for that game?


Tyler French for the Texas Heat and Steve Hecker for the Bay Area Toros.


Video From Final CBL Game

Finally found a video clip of the post-game ceremonies from the final game in CBL history. That was the 2010 CBL championship series between the Big Bend Cowboys and the Las Cruces Vaqueros. The YouTube video is now on the 2010 championship page on the CBL website, or you may watch the video at this link. Feel free to share the link with others whom you believe would enjoy it.

2010 CBL Championship