Recap Of 2009 Game Between Coastal Kingfish And South Louisiana Pipeliners

Found an August 2009 article about one of the few “home games” played in New Iberia, Louisiana between the South Louisiana Pipeliners and the visiting Coastal Kingfish. It mentions several players and has quotes from some of the players and both team managers. The article starts off with the “passing the hat” tradition for the crowd to reward a player after he hits a home run.

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Conclusion of 2007 CBL All Star Game Video Clip

Just uploaded a short video clip taken from the 1st base dugout as the 2007 CBL All-Star Game concluded.  It showed players and coaching staff members from the North team after it won the game.  The team was comprised of players and coaches from the Lewisville Lizards and the Tarrant County Blue Thunder.

Tom Goodwin (manager of the Lizards), Curtis Wilkerson (manager of the Blue Thunder) and Kieran Mattison (pitcher and coach for the Lizards) are featured in this clip.

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2007 CBL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

2008 CBL Players Of The Year

This is from the old McKinney Blue Thunder website (Wayback Machine archive here):

CBL Names 2008 Players of the Year

Awards were presented to the following players on August 22 in Texas City prior to the start of the Championship series. Congratulations to:

CBL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Kyle Wells, Catcher, Bay Area Toros

CBL OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Anthony Edwards, Outfielder, Texarkana Gunslingers

CBL PITCHER OF THE YEAR: Kevin Cooper, Bay Area Toros

CBL RELIEVER OF THE YEAR: Jack Tilghman, Texarkana Gunslingers

CBL MANAGER OF THE YEAR: Jim Bolt, Bay Area Toros