Bay Area Toros

Bay Area Toros




Here is a 2007 spring training roster article with player photos and other photos from before the 2007 season:


Article about Daniel Cox being signed by the Toros:


July 2007 blog posts recapping games between the Bay Area Toros and Lewisville Lizards:


Baseball academy website listing former Toros manager, Jim Bolt, as an instructor:


Press release about the start of the Toros from 2007:


Article about Robinson Stadium written during 2009 (the last season for the Toros):


Another article about Robinson Stadium, this time from


2007 & 2008 TSRN online radio schedules for the Bay Area Toros (links do not lead to actual audio files, so this is just for the schedules):

Photos from the Toros first victory in League City, Texas in June 2007:

July 25, 2007 article about games from the CBL that series plus quotes from Jim Bolt about the stadium at Clear Creek High School, the first scheduled series in Texas City (which were supposed to be against the Lewisville Lizards, but all 3 games got rained out), and what possible expansion was being discussed at the time:



Here is a playlist with several video clips featuring the Bay Area Toros:

Video from Texas City with Phil St. Amant against the Texarkana Gunslingers:

Here is a video from 2008 featuring Bay Area Toros at bat against the McKinney Blue Thunder at Gabe Nesbitt Field (Ballfields at Craig Ranch):