Bay Area Toros

Bay Area Toros



Here is a 2007 spring training roster article with player photos and other photos from before the 2007 season:


Article about Daniel Cox being signed by the Toros:


July 2007 blog posts recapping games between the Bay Area Toros and Lewisville Lizards:


Baseball academy website listing former Toros manager, Jim Bolt, as an instructor:


Press release about the start of the Toros from 2007:


Article about Robinson Stadium written during 2009 (the last season for the Toros):


Another article about Robinson Stadium, this time from


2007 & 2008 TSRN online radio schedules for the Bay Area Toros (links do not lead to actual audio files, so this is just for the schedules):

Photos from the Toros first victory in League City, Texas in June 2007:



Video from Texas City with Phil St. Amant against the Texarkana Gunslingers:

Here is a video from 2008 featuring Bay Area Toros at bat against the McKinney Blue Thunder at Gabe Nesbitt Field (Ballfields at Craig Ranch):