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Bay Area Toros

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Here is a 2007 spring training roster article with player photos and other photos from before the 2007 season:

Article about Daniel Cox being signed by the Toros:

May 2007 Houston Chronicle article about players getting ready for the start of the first CBL season, with player quotes:

July 2007 blog posts recapping games between the Bay Area Toros and Lewisville Lizards:

Baseball academy website listing former Toros manager, Jim Bolt, as an instructor:

Press release about the start of the Toros from 2007:

Article about Robinson Stadium written during 2009 (the last season for the Toros):

Another article about Robinson Stadium, this time from

2007 & 2008 TSRN online radio schedules for the Bay Area Toros (links do not lead to actual audio files, so this is just for the schedules):

Photos from the Toros first victory in League City, Texas in June 2007:

July 25, 2007 article about games from the CBL that series plus quotes from Jim Bolt about the stadium at Clear Creek High School, the first scheduled series in Texas City (which were supposed to be against the Lewisville Lizards, but all 3 games got rained out), and what possible expansion was being discussed at the time:

July/August 2008 in-depth article about life on the road for the Bay Area Toros during a series in Robstown against the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs:

Found the (Wayback Machine) November 16, 2007 snapshot of the website which lists the final scores for all Toros games that year.  Most of clickable links for each game show the actual box score as well.  Here is that snapshot link:  2007 Bay Area Toros games and box scores

As above, here is the November 2007 snapshot of the final 2007 25-man roster for the Toros, and many of the player specific pages are still able to be clicked to get a little bio on each player:  2007 Bay Area Toros players

Article about Wildcat Stadium (Clear Creek High School) including photos from — these were taken long after the Toros left for Texas City after the 2007 CBL All-Star Game:  Click Here

Article about Joel Hartman making the 2009 CBL All-Star Game:  Go To This Page

Article from May 2007 about Toros’ exhibition games against local Houston-area semi-pro teams:

Resource with many Bay Area Toros recaps from 2008 + 2008 CBL players & pitchers of the week:

July 2009 article from the Houston Chronicle about the business side of the Toros and how the economy affected attendance numbers plus what was done to attempt to increase ticket sales:

June 2007 article about the Toros snapping a 9-game losing streak:

Robbie Tolan made national news after being shot by police in December 2008 while outside his family’s home in Texas (Wikipedia article here).  Click the graphic below to discover more about his book “No Justice,” with a foreword by Ken Griffey, Jr.  Below the book graphic is a 2018 video featuring Tolan on a Houston-area television show.

Robbie Tolan Bay Area Toros Book
Click the image to go to the Amazon page for Tolan’s book

Article about the international pro baseball experiences of former Toros player, Drew Taddia:

Article mentioning former Toros player Ben Wharton, now as an assistant coach at Covenant College:

—>  Update on the coaching status for Ben Wharton (now at Chattanooga Christian):

Profile about Mickey Cassidy signing with the Toros:


Here is a playlist with several video clips featuring the Bay Area Toros:

Video from Texas City with Phil St. Amant against the Texarkana Gunslingers:

Here is a video from 2008 featuring Bay Area Toros at bat against the McKinney Blue Thunder at Gabe Nesbitt Field (Ballfields at Craig Ranch):


Here is a slideshow about the Toros from the 2008 season from

We found several photos of the Toros from 2008 and 2009 on  Most were taken at Robinson Stadium.  Various photo credits are to be made, so each photo on Flickr should have the credits.  If any are missing then please contact this website and we will add the proper credit.  Thank you.

Bay Area Toros

Warming Up

Bay Area Toros #25 Noah Scott

Bay Area Toros

The following 20+ photos were taken at Robinson Stadium in 2008.  Here is the information provided about this set of photos: Played at Robinson Stadium, Texas City, TX on May 31, 2008. The Toros (5-4) were defeated by the defending champion Blue Thunder (7-2) 9-2. 

All credit for the following photos goes to Flickr user profile “Stephen” ( and here is the link to the Flickr album (

We also found a portfolio of photos taken by “Kirk Sides” (please click this link to see his Flickr account and portfolio of Toros photos). Each photo in that album will be embedded on this site, but full credit and attribution goes to Kirk for these photos from the 2008 Toros’ season. If he wishes to have these photos removed (or given some other attribution or photo credit) then please have him contact us and we will honor whatever he wishes regarding these photos. They are being added via embedding from Flickr, and there is no attempt to monetize his efforts. Thank you to him for keeping the Toros photos up on his Flickr account for all these years!


Brandon Sisk
Brandon Sisk