South Louisiana Pipeliners

This page is dedicated to the South Louisiana Pipeliners independent baseball team.  It played one season, during the 2009 Continental Baseball League season.  The team only played a few home games with the majority being on the road that year.




When the league first announced the team, there was a mistake in the memo sent so the team’s name initially went out as the “Pipe Fighters” instead of the “Pipeliners”.  Here are the two links:

Article about the team playing games in Morgan City:

Aug 2009 article about the Pipeliners game against the Coastal Kingfish:

Article about the Pipeliners folding and no longer playing in the CBL:

2011 article mentioning Kyle LaMotta who was on the Newark Bears that season.  Mentions the Pipeliners and has a link to his Baseball-Reference stats:

August 2009 article about the Pipeliners looking at moving to New Iberia for the 2010 season: