South Louisiana Pipeliners

South Louisiana Pipeliners

This page is dedicated to the South Louisiana Pipeliners independent baseball team.  It played one season, during the 2009 Continental Baseball League season.  The team only played a few home games with the majority being on the road that year.



When the league first announced the team, there was a mistake in the memo sent so the team’s name initially went out as the “Pipe Fighters” instead of the “Pipeliners”.  Here are the two links:

Article about the team playing games in Morgan City:

Aug 2009 article about the Pipeliners game against the Coastal Kingfish:

Article about the Pipeliners folding and no longer playing in the CBL:

2011 article mentioning Kyle LaMotta who was on the Newark Bears that season.  Mentions the Pipeliners and has a link to his Baseball-Reference stats:

August 2009 article about the Pipeliners looking at moving to New Iberia for the 2010 season:

Article about fans “passing the hat” after a home run during a Pipeliners “home game” against the Coastal Kingfish at Acadian Park:

Article about former Georgia State player Robinson Polanco signing with the Pipeliners:

Article about former University of West Florida player Lee Huggins signing with the Pipeliners:

Game recap from late-June 2009 from a game between the Pipeliners and Texarkana Gunslingers:

Article mentioning Ryan DeLaughter and Eduardo Pichardo about the Washington Nationals draft choices:

Mention of Bryant Perdomo on the Pipeliners:

Articles about John Izzo joining the Pipeliners:

Article about Robinson Polanco:

Mention of Danny Chaffardet pitching in May 2010 for the Calgary Vipers:



Here is the playlist of all videos pertaining to the Pipeliners: