Big Bend Cowboys

This page is dedicated to the Big Bend Cowboys independent professional baseball team.  The team played in the CBL during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, winning the final (2010) CBL championship.  The Cowboys now play in the Pecos League as the Alpine Cowboys, still playing at Kokernot Field.



Fan blog post about the 2009 Big Bend Cowboys and Kokernot Field:

Mentions of the Big Bend Cowboys in 2010 when Tiffany Brooks was signed to a spring training contract:






PRX radio interview featuring JR Smith, Donnie Randell, and more:



We found a video streaming a game from the 2009 championship between the Aces and the Big Bend Cowboys. The video quality is poor and is a streaming video, but you will be able to see the game. The link is here and the embedded video stream is below:

Here is a video clip from a 2010 Big Bend Cowboys game:

Clip of a dizzy bat race from Big Bend in 2010:


Here are more videos from the “Gogosaitama” YouTube channel from the 2010 Big Bend Cowboys season: