New Ballpark Reviews Additions

Finished adding links to all of the stadium reviews done for the CBL teams.  Not all fields were visited, but the ones which were have been added – including new ones for Bringhurst Field (Alexandria Aces) and Wildcat Stadium (Clear Creek High School, first stadium for Bay Area Toros).  Some of the reviews have in-game photos as well as the main stadium photos.

If the particular team’s field was covered by then a link to that specific team’s review will be on that team’s page which can be found here:


All CBL Game Locations

Here is a custom map featuring the field locations where at least one Continental Baseball League game was played during the 2007 through 2010 era.  Exhibition, showcase, regular season and post-season game locations are included.

Unique situations such as exhibitions and showcase series have links to more information when you click on the particular map marker (“pin”).  If a video from the location exists then that video is included when you select a particular location’s map marker/pin.

2007 Bay Area Toros Article Added

Just found a July 25, 2007 article about games from the CBL that series plus quotes from Jim Bolt about the stadium at Clear Creek High School, the first scheduled series in Texas City (which were supposed to be against the Lewisville Lizards, but all 3 games got rained out), and what possible expansion was being discussed at the time.

The link to that article has been added to the Toros page here:

Bay Area Toros

Article About Lewisville Lizards Move To Argyle And Game Recaps

We found an article which goes into the move of venues from Farmers Field at Lewisville High School to Liberty Christian School’s Integrity Field for the second half of the 2007 Lewisville Lizards season.  The same article also recaps several games from the Lizards and Texas Heat series in July 2007.  Individual players from the Lizards are included in the game recaps.

The link to that article is included on the Lizards page here:

Lewisville Lizards