Coastal Kingfish

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This page is dedicated to the Coastal Kingfish independent professional baseball team.  The team played in two CBL seasons, 2009 and 2010.  The team continued onto play in the Pecos League in 2011.




Here is a link to the 2009 roster page for the Kingfish:

Here is a link to the 2009 timeline of the Kingfish’s history:

The New York State League was a Northeast-based development league which then provided players to the CBL, including the Kingfish, in 2009.  Here is an August 2009 NYSL blog post about former NYSL players who did well in a series for the Kingfish against the South Louisiana Pipeliners:

El Paso news article announcing the Kingfish for the 2010 season:

Mention of Chris Sanchez being the manager for 2010:

Two 2009 mentions by UT Tyler of players signing with the Kingfish:



Images of a May 17, 2009 game between the Kingfish and the Big Bend Cowboys can be found here:

2009 team photo from the website:

Coastal Kingfish 2009 Continental Baseball League Team Photo




We found a YouTube video taken from the dugout during a game between the Kingfish and Bay Area Toros:


We found several more videos about the Coastal Kingfish, most of which are from games against the South Louisiana Pipeliners from 2009 and others from against the Bay Area Toros in 2009:



We also found videos from 2009 featuring Bobby Molina during games against the Bay Area Toros: