2009 CBL Team And League-wide Stats

We found the 2009 CBL team season and league-wide season stats on Baseball Reference.  Here are some takeaways for the 2009 season:

  • 174 games played
  • League batting average of .267
  • 233 home runs that year
  • 1734 RBI that year
  • League ERA of 4.92
  • 2588 strikeouts
  • Fielding percentage of .953
  • 633 stolen bases


Here is the link to the full season (regular and post-season combined) stats, with sub-stats available on the appropriate links listed:


CBL Players Who Were In AWL

The Arizona Winter League (AWL) is/was a pay-to-play developmental league to help players get at least to an independent pro baseball league the next season.  On the league’s website there was a list of 23 players who went on to play in the CBL at some point.

Here is the link to that alumni page, and the CBL players are at the bottom of the page: