Some 2009 Alexandria Aces Headlines Added

Looking at a Wayback Machine ( snapshot of the old Alexandria Aces’ website, I found some game recap headlines from the first half of the 2009 season. Those headlines when clicked, unfortunately, do not appear to lead to many archived individual game/player stories. Nonetheless, hopefully the headlines (from May 2009 through mid-July 2009) can be of benefit to some CBL alumni and others interested in the one year that the Aces played in the Continental Baseball League. The link to those archived headlines can be found on the bottom of the Aces’ page here:

New Desert Valley Mountain Lions Information Added

We added several new pieces of information to the Desert Valley Mountain Lions’ page on the site, including Lions who made the 2010 CBL All-Star Game roster, the complete roster, images and news about the team which was posted on the team website during the 2010 season.  See all of the updates on the team page here: