Early Announcements For CBL Final Season

In January 2010, an article came out on with several potential announcements for the 2010 CBL season. That season ended up being the final one in league history. It mentioned many possible teams which never ended up playing in the CBL in 2010:

  • East Texas Road Hogs
  • Texas Twisters
  • West Texas Pavement Crushers (more on that proposed team here)
  • A returning Alexandria Aces (did not happen)
  • A returning South Louisiana Pipeliners – to play in New Iberia, LA (did not happen)

The article also gave some more details on the proposed Louisiana Fall League, which would have been a developmental / instructional league tied to the CBL. It would have been an off-season pay to play league with direct ties to the CBL.

Here is a link to that article:


The Continental Baseball League was an independent professional minor league baseball circuit in the Southwestern United States. It operated from 2007 through 2010.