2010 CBL Championship

This page is dedicated to the 2010 Continental Baseball League championship series between the Big Bend Cowboys and the Las Cruces Vaqueros.  The Cowboys won the 3rd game of the best-of-three series to become the final Continental Baseball League champions.



A great recap of the three games, including some final end of season stats for the Cowboys (in PDF format):  http://bigbendarc.com/archive/NEWSLETTERS/2010/2010_07/2010-07_Bark_page_2.pdf


Article from right before the 2010 championship series, with lots of mention and speculation about the impending start of the Pecos League the following season (2011):  http://www.oaoa.com/article_d747046c-9cd9-5f28-acd3-7696b49f5b50.html


Mention of the Big Bend Cowboys winning the final CBL championship:  http://thegmsperspective.com/news/index.html?article_id=37



Here is a video clip taken after the championship game when the Big Bend Cowboys defeated the Las Cruces Vaqueros for the 2010 (final) CBL championship: