2010 CBL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

There is not much information out there about the 2010 CBL All-Star Game due to the shortened season and information being difficult to obtain.  Here is one mention from a blog about Chris Patterson (manager of the 2010 Desert Valley Mountain Lions) which says the game featured the Mountain Lions and Big Bend Cowboys All-Stars taking on the combined All-Stars of the Las Cruces Vaqueros and Coastal Kingfish.


The blog post says that the Mountain Lions/Cowboys team won the game 9-1.  If anyone can provide more information then that would be helpful.

From the Archive.org snapshot of the old DVlions.webs.com website – which was updated by Kyle from the Lions during the 2010 season – we found at least the Desert Valley Mountain Lions players who made the 2010 CBL All-Star Game roster.  Here is that information:

Mountain Lions Make All-Stars
Posted by Kyle on June 29, 2010 at 8:43 PM Comments comments (0)

The Desert Valley Mountain Lions are proud to announce that they will have 11 players attending the All-Star game and events on July 6th. The team will be combined with Big Bend Cowboys while the opposing team will consist of Las Cruses Vaqueros and the Coastal Kingfish. There will be a Home Run derby and a Pitching contest prior the All-Star game. The pitchers from the Desert Valley Mountain Lions consist of Chris Paterson, Barron Renzi, Derek Snyder, Drew Phillips, and Chad Colestock. The position players that made the team are Micheal Olsen, James Deceasare, John Horan, Issac Hernadez, Jake Bruns, and the alternate for the team is Jeff Hansen. Congrats to all the players that made the All-Star team. Come out and support these players for all the hard work and if your not able to attend the game tune into the webcast on the Big Bend Cowboys website.

Mike Dale (of the Desert Valley Mountain Lions) told the CBL Facebook Group that he won the 2010 CBL Home Run Derby, which took place earlier in the day before the 2010 All-Star Game.  Here are photos he provided from that day in Alpine, Texas (home of the Big Bend Cowboys):

The Alpine Cowboys (now of the Pecos League) posted on their website (this page) the following Big Bend Cowboys players who were CBL All-Stars in 2009 and 2010:

Alpine Cowboy All-Stars:
Mike Castrignano(2009)
Andrew Riddick(2009)
Beau Manning(2009)
Eric Williams(2009)
Curt Dixon(2009)
Chris Dabbs(2009)
Nick “Nacho” Ochoa(2009,2010,2011)
Cody Collins(2010)
Kyle Wells(2010,2011)
Corey O’Neil(2010)
Tyler Hicks(2010,2011,2012)
Daryl Stanfield(2010)
Scott Shimek(2010,2011)
Reed Alfieri(2010,2011)
Jimmy Dale(2010)
Zach Welch(2010)