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This page is dedicated to the Alexandria Aces independent professional baseball team.  The team played for several seasons in multiple independent baseball leagues.  On this page, the focus will be on the time when the Aces played in the CBL for one season (2009).


Here is the Baseball Reference page for the 2009 Alexandria Aces team.  Roster and stats are included:

Another link for the 2009 stats is here.

Original Tweets

We found the official Tweets from the Alexandria Aces’ Twitter page which were posted in 2009, the only season that the Aces were in the CBL. Player names, inning updates, and a mention of winning the CBL championship are all included in the Twitter posts:  CLICK HERE



Wikipedia article about the Aces, including the 2009 All-Stars:

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Recap on the 2009 spring tryouts for the Aces:

Found a July 2009 snapshot on of what the Aces website had as content at that point in time.  Not all of the pages have been indexed, but many can be read to gain more information about the Aces during the team’s tenure in the CBL:

Found a June 2009 article about a 3-day youth clinic which the Aces hosted.  Here is the link: article about Bringhurst Field (done years after the Aces left the CBL in 2009):  Click Here

Mention of 2009 Alexandria Aces CBL All-Stars:

Press release from May 2009 about the open tryout:

Mention of team owner, Eric Moran, pitching 4 scoreless innings against the Coastal Kingfish:


Mention on the Kansas City T-Bones website about Rafael Rodriguez being signed by the Baltimore Orioles.  It mentions his time with the Alexandria Aces in 2009 (and his post-season hitting stats) with the CBL:

Here are two articles about Bringhurst Field, the home of the Aces.  Both mention the CBL:

Article about two former Mississippi College Choctaws Nathan Stewart and Brent Hinson being on the 2009 Aces team which won the CBL championship that season:


Update on the coaching status of Dan Schwam:

Found a press release announcing the signing of player/hitting coach Larry VanAllen for the 2009 season:

Mention of the Aces winning the 2009 CBL championship from a 2010 archive snapshot from the team’s original website:



2009 Alexandria Aces Win Continental Baseball League ChampionshipPhoto of Alexandria Aces celebrating their winning 2009 CBL Championship (Alexandria, Louisiana).  Credit goes to the Aces Facebook page


2009 Alexandria Aces post-game celebration after winning the 2009 Continental Baseball League championship series against the Big Bend Cowboys

Photo of Alexandria Aces in the locker room, celebrating their winning 2009 CBL Championship (Alexandria, Louisiana).  Credit goes to the Aces Facebook page


2009 Alexandria Aces baseball card team set - autographed front sides only - shared by Nick Enciso

Image of 2009 Alexandria Aces baseball card team set (by Grandstand) and team photo. More on the cards can be found on the CBL Memorabilia page at this link.



Thank you to Eric Moran, who operated the Aces during their one season in the CBL (2009), for letting us know about the 2009 player photos on the team’s Facebook page.  Here are the photos from May 2009:


Thanks to Nick Enciso for the following photos from the 2009 Alexandria Aces season:

alexandria aces player and mascot 2009 CBL

Photo of 2009 Alexandria Aces player and mascot from Alexandria Aces Facebook page (Eric Moran)




This video we found focuses on Aces players DH Johnny Klopfer and 1B Gabe Memmert.

Here is a 2009 uploaded video on YouTube featuring a dizzy bat race between innings of an Alexandria Aces game.  You will see some of the players in the video:

Found a Wayback Machine recap of 2009 website headlines including mentions of players and victories by the Aces.  Not many of the actual stories were archived, but at least the headlines can be found here.