2009 CBL Championship

The Alexandria Aces won the 2009 Continental Baseball League championship series (in Alexandria, Louisiana) – defeating the Big Bend Cowboys in two straight games of the best-of-3 series.  The final score of Game 2 was 7-3 in favor of the Aces.  The Cowboys replaced the Bay Area Toros who won the 1st round of the playoffs (over the Cowboys) but elected not to go to Alexandria for the championship series.

Here is a link to an archive (PDF) from the old CBL’s version of this website back on August 24, 2009 about the start of the playoffs:


2009 Alexandria Aces Win Continental Baseball League Championship

Photo from the Alexandria Aces Facebook page (credit here), showing the team celebrating after winning the 2009 CBL championship (Alexandria, Louisiana)

Another photo of the 2009 team celebrating, this time in the locker room. Credit goes to the same Facebook page (the Aces) as above:

2009 Alexandria Aces post-game celebration after winning the 2009 Continental Baseball League championship series against the Big Bend Cowboys

The following photos were sent from Nick Enciso: