2009 CBL League Stats, Team Stats And Individual Category Leaders

Thank you to Ted Turocy and Chadwick Baseball Bureau for preserving the 2009 Continental Baseball League end-of-year statistics including:

  • Final Standings
  • Manager Records (W-L)
  • Team Batting
  • Team Pitching
  • Team Fielding
  • Home And Away Team Records (W-L)
  • League Leaders
  • Individual Player and Pitcher Statistics
  • Statistics By Position

The text file Ted sent has compatibility issues with this website’s architecture, unlike most of the game scores and box scores he sent from 2009 (click here to see those). Therefore we converted everything into a PDF, so please click to open it as it contains a tremendous amount of information for the 2009 CBL season and some player-specific information which you may not have seen before in the ten years (at the time of this update) since the 2009 season began.


This final standings breakdown came from an archived version of the old BigBendCowboys.com website:

             W  L   GB
Toros       38 18   —
Gunslingers 38 20  1.0
Aces         39 21  1.0
COWBOYS  36 24  4.0
Pipeliners   16 41 22.5
Kingfish      8 51 31.5