2008 CBL Player Of The Year And League Leaders

From a 2008 snapshot of this website ( we found the 2008 Continental Baseball League players and pitchers of the year plus the league leader in each major category:

Kyle Wells, Catcher, Bay Area Toros — CBL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER

Anthony Edwards, Outfielder, Texarkana Gunslingers — CBL OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR

Kevin Cooper, Bay Area Toros — CBL PITCHER OF THE YEAR

Jack Tilghman, Texarkana Gunslingers — CBL RELIEVER OF THE YEAR

Jim Bolt, Bay Area Toros CBL MANAGER OF THE YEAR

Brian Barr, Texarkana Gunslingers MOST WINS (9)

George Castillo, McKinney Blue Thunder MOST SAVES (14)

Kevin Cooper, Bay Area Toros LOWEST ERA (1.71), MOST STRIKEOUTS (83), FEWEST HITS PER INNING (5.31)

Anthony Edwards, Texarkana Gunslingers RBI LEADER (43), BEST SLUGGING PERCENTAGE (.425), MOST HITS (89), BEST BATTING AVERAGE (.324), MOST RUNS (50), MOST TOTAL BASES (117)

Greg Plecki, Bay Area Toros MOST STOLEN BASES (29)

Russell Revere, Bay Area Toros MOST INNINGS PITCHED (107.2)

Brendan Rubenstein, Texarkana Gunslingers BEST ON BASE PERCENTAGE (.404)

Jack Tilghman, Texarkana Gunslingers MOST GAMES PITCHED (38)


The Continental Baseball League was an independent professional minor league baseball circuit in the Southwestern United States. It operated from 2007 through 2010.