Final Game In McKinney Blue Thunder History

Here is the link to the archived web page (from the old website) with a quick recap and box score from the final game in McKinney Blue Thunder history:


The Blue Thunder went on the road and defeated the Texarkana Gunslingers by a final score of 5-4.

Texarkana Gunslingers And Big Bend Cowboys Catcher On And ESPN

Ryan Powell played a few games in the CBL, in 2008 with the Texarkana Gunslingers and 2009 with the Big Bend Cowboys. He got injured but returned in 2011 in the Pecos League to be a player-manager with the Carlsbad Bats and then finished his time with the Trinidad Triggers in 2012.

He joined the Baltimore Orioles in 2013 as a scout for the independent leagues, but then was able to honor his ailing mother by playing a spring training game with the Orioles. Here are the links (including from and a video clip of him on ESPN (all rights go to ESPN, the video was uploaded to Ryan’s YouTube channel) about the story. In some of the articles, the Big Bend Cowboys are mentioned: