Louisiana Fall League

When reviewing the archives of the old Alexandria Aces website (myacesbaseball.com) from August 2009, there was a mention of a possible “Louisiana Fall League” starting in September 2009.  I found another article mentioning it as well.  Here are those links:


If anyone has information on whether or not this league, a developmental pay-to-play league tied to the CBL, ever played a game or gave instruction to players then please let us know.


2008 CBL Players Of The Year

This is from the old McKinney Blue Thunder website (Wayback Machine archive here):

CBL Names 2008 Players of the Year

Awards were presented to the following players on August 22 in Texas City prior to the start of the Championship series. Congratulations to:

CBL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Kyle Wells, Catcher, Bay Area Toros

CBL OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Anthony Edwards, Outfielder, Texarkana Gunslingers

CBL PITCHER OF THE YEAR: Kevin Cooper, Bay Area Toros

CBL RELIEVER OF THE YEAR: Jack Tilghman, Texarkana Gunslingers

CBL MANAGER OF THE YEAR: Jim Bolt, Bay Area Toros

First CBL Event – April 2007 Tryout And Draft

In early April 2007 the CBL hosted an open tryout in Dallas for prospective players to make the 4 teams that season.  We found a Wayback Machine (archive.org) snapshot of the Bay Area Toros website which lists the original press release issued by the league.  The link to that snapshot is here:  2007 Continental Baseball League draft Dallas Texas

We attempted to make a PDF of this release, but the Archive.org snapshot header cuts off some of the list.  You are still welcome to see that PDF here:  2007 CBL original tryout and draft PDF

2007 CBL Home Run Derby Stats Added

From an archive.org (Wayback Machine) snapshot of the BayAreaToros.com website (archived in November 2007) we found the stats for the first CBL Home Run Derby.  Noah Scott won the contest, and we included a new photo of him with CBL executives Ron Baron and Bob Ibach.

Additionally, we found (and added) 3 new photos from the All-Star Game in Texas City that year.  Another photo of Karl Krailo winning the All-Star Game MVP award, a new photo of the “South” team (All-Stars from the Texas Heat and Bay Area Toros), and a photo of Will Smeltzer (Bay Area Toros) signing an autograph for a fan have all been added.  Everything pertaining to the 2007 CBL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game (2 night exhibition) can be found on this page:

2007 CBL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

2007 CBL Championship Final Game Box Score

We found a recap and box score from the final game of the 2007 CBL championship series in Texas City.  The Tarrant County Blue Thunder defeated the Bay Area Toros by a final score of 6-3.  The link you will click is an archive.org (Wayback Machine) snapshot from the original TarrantProBall.com website; and the link has been added to the 2007 CBL championship series page here: