Original Idea For CBL 7th Inning Home Runs To Count Double

In June 2006 an article from the Marin Independent Journal appeared citing a press release about a CBL idea. The idea was for:

According to the league’s official press release, “In that one inning only, the FIRST home run hit by the trailing team will count double. Thus, a two-run homer will account from four runs, and a grand slam will mean eight runs.”

The article wasn’t favorable but it mentions former MLB player Jay Johnstone – who was involved in the early days of the CBL prior to the first pitch – as being a part of the decision to announce this potential rule change. The rule change never happened, but it did get the CBL on the sports radar back at that time – years before the many rule changes we now have seen in the independent leagues during the past few seasons.

Here is the article link:


The Continental Baseball League was an independent professional minor league baseball circuit in the Southwestern United States. It operated from 2007 through 2010.