New Lewisville Lizards Stats And Box Scores Added

Just added a significant amount of history to the Lewisville Lizards page which has team and individual stats, team leaders and other team stats. Also, at the bottom of the page (under the Lizards videos), you will find links to archived snapshots of the old website which have individual game box scores, play by play of each Lizards game (against the Bay Area Toros, Tarrant County Blue Thunder, and Texas Heat), and line scores. Here is the link:

Lizards players, coaches, front office, announcers and others included (but are not limited to): Tom Goodwin, Kieran Mattison, Justin Wilcher, Cherise Longoria, Sara Kelm, Jody Wood, Jace Dennis, Ray Hastings, Kyle Patterson, Ryan Allen, Mario Spann, Ryan Howard, Luis Melendez, Glenn Green II, Mike Reeves, John Elwis, Matt Mc Dermott, Randy Strann, Cory Press, Matt Sartor, Ben Parker, Jerry Anderson, Aaron Wright, Mark Lewis, Earl White, Andrew Doyle, Joseph Gomez, Robert Smith, Philip Monte and more.

2007 CBL League Leaders

We found an archive from the old CBL league website which lists the 2007 league leaders from the league’s first season


(Regular Season Concluded August 12, 2007)


Batting Average Leaders Josh Blackstock Blue Thunder 0.373
(Min. 3.0 PA Per Game) Justin Meagher Heat 0.361
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 0.357
  Robby Winn Heat 0.341
  Lale Esquivel Blue Thunder 0.336
  Nick Ensico Heat 0.329
  Mitch Elliott Heat 0.326
Runs Leaders Mitch Elliott Heat 48
  Josh Blackstock Blue Thunder 47
  Robby Winn Heat 46
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 45
  Lamont Jordan Blue Thunder 44
Hits Robby Winn Heat 61
  Mitch Elliott Heat 56
  Jesse Longoria Lizards 55
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 55
  Josh Blackstock Blue Thunder 53
Doubles Mitch Elliott Heat 12
  Josh Blackstock Blue Thunder 12
  Justin Meagher Heat 12
  Mike Medrano Toros 12
  Jesse Longoria Lizards 9
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 9
Triples Josh Blackstock Blue Thunder 2
  Zack Williams Toros 2
  5 Tied With 1    
Home Runs Robby Winn Heat 21
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 20
  Karl Krailo Blue Thunder 18
  Jesse Longoria Lizards 13
  Lale Esquivel Blue Thunder 13
RBI Robby Winn Heat 64
  Jesse Longoria Lizards 46
  Joseph Pagan Blue Thunder 44
  Karl Krailo Blue Thunder 43
  Lale Esquivel Blue Thunder 39
Stolen Bases Mitch Elliott Heat 45
  Josh Jennings Lizards 19
  Jonathan Anderson Blue Thunder 18
  J. January Heat 13
  Lamont Jordan Blue Thunder 11
  Cassidy Dreach Toros 11


Wins Zach Duncan Blue Thunder 5
  Ryan Leger Heat 5
  Will Smeltzer Toros 5
  Philip Monte Lizards 4
  Ryan Weems Blue Thunder 4
  Brent Berger Blue Thunder 4
  Beau Cumbie Heat 4
Innings Pitched Will Smeltzer Toros 60.667
  Kieran Mattison Lizards 55.333
  Philip Monte Lizards 53.333
  Jason Bleeker Toros 52.333
  Zach Duncan Blue Thunder 51
  Ryan Leger Heat 51
ERA Zach Duncan Blue Thunder 3.14
(Minimum 1 IP per Game) Ryan Leger Heat 3.71
  Will Smeltzer Toros 4.45
  Philip Monte Lizards 5.23
  T. French Heat 5.29
Complete Games Jason Bleeker Toros 3
  Jerry Anderson Lizards 2
  Will Smeltzer Toros 1
  Philip Monte Lizards 1
  Ryan Leger Heat 1
  T. French Heat 1
  Brent Berger Blue Thunder 1
  Paul Buchan Lizards 1
Saves George Castillo Blue Thunder 7
  Keegan Laycock Toros 3
  Ben Parker Lizards 3
  Randy Strann Lizards 3
  B. Cogbill Blue Thunder 2
  D. Furrow Heat 2
Strikeouts Kieran Mattison Lizards 79
  Zach Duncan Blue Thunder 57
  Brandon Sisk Toros 55
  Ryan Leger Heat 49
  T. French Heat 49
Opp. Batting Avg. Ryan Leger Heat 0.238
(Minimum 1 IP per Game) Zach Duncan Blue Thunder 0.241
  Will Smeltzer Toros 0.244
  T. Klassen Heat 0.265
  Brent Berger Blue Thunder 0.266

New Desert Valley Mountain Lions Information Added

We added several new pieces of information to the Desert Valley Mountain Lions’ page on the site, including Lions who made the 2010 CBL All-Star Game roster, the complete roster, images and news about the team which was posted on the team website during the 2010 season.  See all of the updates on the team page here: