2008 Bay Area Toros Vs McKinney Blue Thunder Game Broadcast Found

A big thank you to 2008 McKinney Blue Thunder online radio broadcaster, Dave Michaels (North Texas Sports Network), for his finding and sending to us the only archived game broadcast we have of the CBL at this time (Feb 1, 2021).  Despite online radio broadcasts happening for the league throughout its four-year history (2007 to 2010), for some reason the archives of the broadcasts are lost to history at this point.  Dave was able to get a MP3 audio file of a game he jointly broadcast with David Crane (Bay Area Toros) during the 2008 season.  The game took place in McKinney Texas and was the Toros’ official “game of the week” broadcast with its local radio agreement partner. 

Should there be any copyright or other legal concerns where this needs to be taken down, then please contact us and we will remove it.  Otherwise, if you have (or had) legal rights to this game’s broadcast then please consider letting us keep it posted live as it is the only game broadcast archive which proves that the CBL did, indeed, play during its four year history.

You can find the same link to the Dropbox link (which has the 2-hour, 50-minute broadcast) on either the McKinney Blue Thunder or Bay Area Toros pages on this website:


The Continental Baseball League was an independent professional minor league baseball circuit in the Southwestern United States. It operated from 2007 through 2010.